Marketing and its deadly sins

19 Nov

The author of "Kid-Ok-Nok-Nah" (Think Out Loud) pocket book

The social media are obviously playing more prominent roles in our daily lives,    both personally and commercially. We’re always thinking about how to word a message to get the most notice. You really need a good profile, compelling content and fluid technique to shine in this cyber world.

A lot of fan pages for brands fail to understand that customers don’t just want to hear about new products and promotional campaigns. They want a welcoming place where they can interact with like-minded people.

There are no standard rules to guarantee success on Twitter or Facebook, but there are “four deadly sins” – VIPS – to avoid.

V is for Vulgar

You can be trivial, blunt or even sarcastic if that’s your style, but you’re responsible for everything you say. If someone feels you’ve made a false statement, your reputation can be damaged in dramatic fashion.

So think before you tweet. Even if you’re forgiven, the controversy you cause will not be.

I is for Ignorance

Brace for your shortcomings being widely exposed once you go digital. When customers complain, they do it on your wall so everyone can see it. Make a sincere apology – not a lame excuse – as soon as you see any bad signals. Your response will be documented and if it’s shoddy, it will be used against you later.

If problems are handled properly, you’ll stay on par (don’t expect a trophy). If not, your brand will be tarnished for a long time.

P is for Plagiarism

Never use pictures, quotes or clips without permission from the source. It’s not only illegal, it’s bad social manners and harms your credibility.

S is for Spam

No one likes junk mail, chain letters, unsolicited offers or redundant, irrelevant messages.

It would be better to pass your page link on to all the people you know and ask them nicely to do you a favour by visiting and clicking “like”.

The bottom line is whether they “like” because they feel obliged or because they really want to follow you. The number of fans or followers you have means almost nothing if they stay inactive.

Try to occasionally check your Klout score or monitor your activity summary from TwentyFeet to diagnose whether your brand remains a favourite or is diminishing.

When you’re in love you don’t know how to make it perfect, but you do know what makes it imperfect. Stay away from deadly digital syndromes and you’ll do just fine.

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